Monday, December 28, 2009

Photoshoot with Sophia Photography

I forgot to blog about this photoshoot which happened last Month (11/28/09). The pix were taken by Erwin and Mitch of Sophia Photography inside AAV. We had a good time. JEL was very cooperative. SP was able to capture lots of nice shots which are very natural. I love them!

You can view more of JEL's pix here.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Personalized Planner

Haven't scrapped again for months but gave some personalized stuffs to some friends using some scrapbooking materials. Hope they like it.

Thanks for the GIFTS!!!

Here are some of the gifts we receive for xmas this year as of this writing.

Toys for JEL

Dresses/Clothes for JEL

Books for JEL

Hair Accessories for JEL

Stuffs for us

Some of the items we received we're not included in the pictures especially the edible ones like chocolate coated polvoron, homemade chocolates, pineapple, groceries and banana cake.

Just want to thank you all!!! Sa uulitin po!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009


Before the day ends, we would like to greet everyone a Merry Christmas. We hope that you enjoyed JESUS' Birthday today!!!!

More pix to be posted soon!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009


I just can't contain my happiness. I just tried my luck to send JEL's Yo Gabba Gabba Monthly Cakes in the Gabba Friends site last month and didn't know that we can get in. So happy!!!

Click this link to view the article.

Friday, December 04, 2009

1st Day of December: JEL got her 1st Xmas Gift

Such a cute pink xmas sock and clothes! Thanks po Ninang Chu!

Trying Our Luck: Need Votes

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

JEL attended a 1st Bday

We attended JB's (John Benedict) 1st bday party last Sunday (Kuya Ricky's Son). JEL was not feeling well due to colds. Good to know that she's not afraid of clowns but still sad because she's not in a good mood. She got scared and cried because of the party poppers and the loud counting of the kids. We're just thankful that she's easy to comfort.

Btw, she got this cute lootbag with puzzle and chocolate goodies inside.

Thanks po!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cypress Family Health Day'09

We attended this event with my Mom and Ethan. We availed of the free check-ups. Hubby also availed of the free PT. We enjoyed the games, magic show, circus show and Jollibee Mascot appearance. More pix of the event here.

Btw, JEL also enjoyed dancing to Nobody during one of the games. See for yourself here.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Been MIA & Some Updates: JEL's Hospitalization, Party Preps and New Antics

Had been MIA in this blog for a long time. We got so busy since JEL was admitted in Chinese General Hospital for 5 days due to severe cold, cough and asthma. Anyway, below are some updates about JEL's condition, 1st Birthday Party Preps and New Antics.

JEL's 5-Day Hospitalization

As I mentioned on my last post, hubby just brought her to the hospital to have her checked but the pedia didn't allowed them to go home. Since I was left in the office and I wanted to see our baby, hubby fetched me back from home. He also needs to bring clothes and other needs in the hospital. I was so sad seeing the IV on my baby's hand. She woke up at around 1am upon hearing the nebulizer and was so happy seeing me.

I can't explain the feeling but I was happy to be by her side while she is having the nebulizer thing. I needed to be back to the office the next day. Just sleep for a while in the hospital and was back home again at 4:45am. Hubby drove back to the hospital.

On her 2nd day, got a good news from her pedia that she might be able to go home on Saturday. We're so happy that time. Hubby fetched me again from home after work. The guards are strict and they didn't let hubby entered the room because our yaya is already inside. Only 2 bantay is allowed. He slept in the car.

3rd Day

It was JEL's 9th Month Day. We pumped some balloons to entertain the celebrant. However, hubby needed to go back to office to get the Philhealth papers for us to be able to go home the next day which is a Saturday. He also picked up JEL's birthday cake. It was good that the cake is nice and tasted good. It eased the tiredness of hubby. The only sad news is her pedia told us the JEL's condition is worse compared the day after and told us that she can't go home yet. She will still check if we can be discharged the next day but worst case it will be on Monday.

We also transferred from semi-private to a private room. Hubby finds our room hot and noisy. The other patient whom we share room is already 5 y.o. and keeps on playing with his cellphone. JEL can't have a good sleep. The adult watching over him is not stopping him and we don't want to make a bad deal with that.

Pix of JEL's Monthsary here.

4th Day
All of us were able to sleep better in the new room. JEL's pedia came in early. She said that she is better than yesterday but still can't be discharge because her breathing is not yet well. Sad because we will be staying longer in the hospital.

JEL's IV was transferred to her other hand because the liquid is not dropping anymore from the bottle. It was heart breaking hearing JEL crying. Hubby just advised me to just stay in our room. When baby is back, she cried a lot. The hand where the IV was removed seems to hurt so much. It was good that we're able to stop her from crying when we let her see herself in the mirror. She smiled and talked to her image in the mirror. Hubby went out to buy a portable mirror so that we won't need to go the the restroom for her mirror remedy.

5th Day
All Saints Day. Boring day for us. We are just inside our room with no TV. All the private rooms in CGH old building doesn't have one. They only have one in the new building. It's just sad that there was no available room in the building anymore. But it is still a blessing that we brought our laptop in the hospital. JEL was able to watch Yo Gabba Gabba videos that we saved in our Hard Disk.

6th Day

We're discharged. Her pedia came in early and gave us a discharge order. She advised us to give PRED10 for 2 days to complete her 7day steriods at home. We're able advised that from now on, JEL will be needing a maintenance medicine for her asthma (2 inhalers - ventolin and flixotide). She needs a puffing tool called Baby Haler. The procedure needs to be done 3x a day with a minimum interval of 6 to 8 hours. The more she cry the better because she'll be able to inhale the medicines better. We're able to get our of the hospital at 2pm. CGH discharge system is so slow. Btw, since JEL was not able to have her trick or treat, we let her wear her costume on our way back home. She was sleeping throughout the trip. She was happy when we got home and started playing with toys but have noticed that she is not moving her other hand freely. She might have thought that she still have an IV. We're telling her, " JEL, you can move your other hand". Hehehe. Well, it's nice to be back home. Hubby cleaned our room before we slept that night. Thanks also to my mom. We asked her to stay with us to help our yaya with JEL's need until she gets well.

View some of JEL's hospital pix here.

FAST TRACK to Last Saturday - JEL's follow check-up
She is getting better and better. Our pedia is happy to see a 1kg increase in her weight for just 2 weeks. She was admitted @ 7.4kg and she is now @ 8.4kg. She is also now 72cm tall. Our yaya is also telling us that she now have a good appetite. She is now consuming a minimum of 20oz milk/day and eating a saucer full of rice 3x a day. We're happy for her improvement

NOW, we need to get back to Party Planning and Preps.
Below is my checklist.
Venue: DP Paid
Caterer: Pencil Booked
Lootbag items/Prizes: Almost complete. Been to Divi AGAIN last Sunday.
Photog: DP Paid
Venue Decor: Pencil Booked
Cake: Supplier Selected. Need to discuss design and pay DP.
Celebrants Attire: Need to Finalize Designs

Btw, just want to rave about JEL's new tricks and antics at 9months.
1. Stands and Dances w/o support (the longest we've seen is ~15s)
2. Attempts to walk w/o support (The last time we saw her, she was able to make 2 steps inside her crib)
3. Knows how to " Mano" but without holding the hand of the elder yet. Just letting her forehead touch the hand.
4. Makes a kiss w/ and w/o being instructed.
5. Appreciates things and kisses them. When we gave the Doctor kit that we bought from divi, she got excited upon seeing it and kissed it. Last night, my mom brought the books that my sister bought for her. She also kissed them.
6. Claps with sounds.
7. Says mama, dada, dede, mommy, daddy, gaga or baba for yo gabba gabba.
8. Swings her body while dancing.
9. Sings inside the church with the choir.
10. Imitates laugh.
11. Knows how to call someone and asked her/him to come nearer (hand movement).
12. Waives Hi and Bye.
13. Do Hi-5, a-line and aprub!
14. Anticipates a call from mom. Our yaya told me that one time, when I called home and she was sleeping. She woke up when the phone rang and said "mama?".
15. Sings and dances to the song " I have to hands...."
16. Plays with other kids and never cry when things or toys are being taken from her. She loves to SHARE and not "madamot".
17. No more stranger anxiety. No more crying but she still needs some time before she will playing with new faces.
18. Don't cry anymore before we leave in the morning. She is now waiving her hands to us. Btw, we don't say bye to her, we only tell her " See you later".

Well, this list will be longer if I'll list every single details. That's all for now. Just a happy and proud mama.

I'll tell you a secret. Shhhh. JEL doesn't have a tooth yet. We've been waiting for it for quite some time already. Hahaha.

Monday, November 09, 2009

2009 5th LO - Family

This LO was started few weeks ago and was just waiting for the journal to complete. Wanted to change the title but decided to stick to it. Finally able to complete last night.

Mylittleshoebox (PPS, ribbons, frame, diecut), Rubons, Zig Pen, blings, KF brads, Petaloo flower center.

You brought joy and completed this Family! We love you very much!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

JEL in Hospital

Sad but true. Hubby brought JEL to the hospital this afternoon due to colds and cough. We thought that she just needs antibiotic just like the previous weeks. But today is different. Pedia wants her to be confined. She is under observation for Pneumonia and was confirmed to have ashma.

Now, I'm here at home and waiting for hubby. I just prepared all the things needed to be brought to the hospital. We hope and pray that she get well the soonest. Need also your prayers. Thanks!